About Us

Making European City Break Travel Planning Easier!

Who We Are

TrippTee is an exciting new online itinerary building platform that creates itineraries and allows you to customise it. We're avid travellers too, so we understand the arduous process of travel planning, and how incredibly time consuming and at times rather frustrating it is.

Our goal is to make travel planning easier and quicker for you.

So how does TrippTee Work? Simply create a profile, answer a quick questionnaire consisting of various attraction categories and then based on that information our system generates an itinerary with exciting attractions matching your preferences. Review your itinerary and delete attractions that don't interest you, then add attractions that do interest you.

Quick Note: The platform launched on January 14, 2020 and is currently in beta. Sign up, try it out and tell us about your experience today using the Contact Us form on your TrippTee dashboard.

Our Future

Our sophisticated system will design itineraries to make your European City Break experiences smooth and effortless.

Our Plans

Route Optimisation. Make the most out of your time while travelling. Our route optimisation organises the most efficient way to see your favourite attractions.
Change Plans on the Go. Change your mind about a particular activity? Simply substitute it and let our system organise the rest.
Best Mode of Transportation. Our phenomenal system finds the best transportation options, but also allows you to choose your preferred method of transportation.

Our Founder

Tanya Nicol founded TrippTee in 2018

Tanya's Story:

Growing up Northern British Columbia Tanya experienced a typical Canadian childhood: freezing winters consisting of buckets of snow and hot summers consisting of endless sunshine. Although she had fantastic experiences and created lasting memories, she always longed for more. Tanya knew there was a huge magnificent world out there and wanted to explore it.

After many trips to the USA, Tanya became restless. She wanted something new, exciting, and adventurous, so she moved to England. Tanya had never been to England and knew very little about the country, but she was looking for an escapade.

Tanya quickly fell in love with city breaks but was frustrated with how time consuming the travelling planning process was. It was near enough impossible to find accurate and reliable information about unique attractions and experiences for the cities she was visiting. It took hours upon hours to decipher blogs, websites, and review sites.

No other reliable DIY travelling planning option existed so she decided to create one. She started with a travel information website using WordPress with the sole purpose of collating accurate information about attractions within a city. It quickly became apparent this was not a profitable business, however the concept of taking that collated information and creating itineraries for travellers soon materialized.

Little did Tanya know her travel information website would be the gateway to what is today, TrippTee.

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